About us


BSR provides the highest level of service, we proactively anticipate and respond to client needs and guarantee to deliver a high quality response, to both employers and job candidates.

Our clients have the confidence and trust because we identify and target candidates from the “cream” of your competitors’ staff, persuading them why they should join a specific team. We do not contact candidates on the lookout, or persistent under pressure to move. On the other side, we do our best to find the proper job corresponding to the client expertise, with the most competitive package of benefits.


– Understand your needs
– Identify the correct solution to generate your best satisfaction
– Act around the clock to solve your request


We have developed a wide network of contacts focusing on both Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea, being able to find out all new jobs offered by contractors.

Jobs on the rigs provided by us will include managers, superintendents, chief engineers, engineers, crane operators, welders, electricians, mechanics, motormen, oilers, assistant drillers, drillers, tool pushers, warehousemen, medic / safety persons, barge operators, barge engineers, etc.